If Executed, What Are Your Last Words And Last Meal?

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Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Every Monday, Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture.

This Week's Panel: Bun B, Yung Redd, D-Risha, hasHBrown, Kyle Hubbard, Z-Ro, Kiotti

Not Invited: Warden Samuel Norton (Shawshank Redemption, suckas)

This Week's Prompt: Let's say you've just been arrested for murder - you were killin' the game, as they say. You been sentenced to die, becoming the first person ever to literally be fresh to death.

Now It's the day of your execution, and you're down to your last meal and your last words. What do you order as your final eats? And what piece of insight do you drop on the world before your breath is stolen?

Bun B: Meal would be [my wife's] steak & potatoes, my Mom's sweet potato mini-pies and my GD Taylor's beans. I'd say, "Love y'all."

Yung Redd: Red wine, a Xanax, steak and potatoes. And I would say, "Believe your heart, the world is a lie! It's been great."

D-Risha: Okay, every time I go out to eat I order chicken strips and fries, and my girlfriend hates it. But I always crave Cajun food, so for my last meal it would be a nice order of gumbo with a side of boudin. I think that would do the trick before I leave this world.

To be honest, before last year, around 2009, I felt that hadn't accomplished what I what wanted through music and I landed on a crossroads of sorts, like if I died then it would have been too soon. But today my last words would be that I took my leap of faith for music and it's paid dividends and I can rest forever knowing that I gave my all and those who saw it for themselves will remember me for it when my name comes up.

My family and friends will have the moments and memories, but to the world I would say it's so much easier to be kind than callous.

hasHBrown: Simple. Frenchy's number three Campus, one breast, two wings, red beans and rice, biscuit, large lemonade. This way I'd be asleep before the execution and the -itus will have sunk in by then.

My last words would be, "Live for the moment and the moment only - what has happened or what might happen aren't important in this moment."

Kyle Hubbard: Man oh man. It is hard to think of what I would want as my last meal. Seeing as the meal would be on the dime of the same people that are about to kill me, I would definitely ask for insanely expensive items. A lot of foods that I don't know how to pronounce would be on the menu, not so much for the taste, but more in spite of the state. To actually eat, however, I would need some filet mignon wrapped in bacon, a twice-baked potato, a pot of jambalaya, and like six bags of spicy nacho Doritos.

As far as the final gem of knowledge I leave the world with, I would wait until after the lethal injection's chemicals were running through my veins and everyone thought I was dead, then I would look up and with my final breath I would faintly say the word "Swag."

This is the point when the background music hits the peak of its crescendo, and the camera pans out to the people viewing. They are sobbing uncontrollably and clutching each other for comfort. At that point the warden busts in and screams "Wait! The governor just gave this man a pardon, he's innocent!"

But then it quickly sinks in that he is responsible for the death of an extremely handsome and innocent young man, and underneath his breath in complete shame and anguish he mutters to himself "My God... it's too late." The scene fades to black, the credits roll, and I become legend.

Z-Ro: 15 wings from Timmy Chan's. "Bury me upside down so the whole world can kiss my ass."

Kiotti: I don't really eat pork. Period. But if i gotta go anyways... The thing I miss the most would be kolaches. I would say, "Killing (the game, of course) might be a sin. The wages of sin is death. Keep your friends close, and your family closer. Excuse me, execution lady, how are my dreads looking?"

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.