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If I Were Famous: Doomstress Alexis

Doomstress Alexis
Doomstress Alexis Christi Vest, courtesy of Doomstress Alexis

Because Houston is filled with talented, hardworking and likable music people, the odds are good that some of them might one day be mega-famous. We’re talking Beyoncé-like, better-get-a-bodyguard notoriety. This is the blog series that dares to ask how our favorites would handle such celebrity.

This installment features Alexis Hollada, already well known in this town by her stage name, Doomstress Alexis. The frontwoman of projects such as Project Armageddon and Vendetta Diabolique has, of late, devoted much of her time to Doomstress, a stoner-rock outfit that formed last year. The band nods generously to predecessors like Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep and YOB. It plans to follow a successful November tour of southeastern states with a spring fling beginning in April. Before then, you can catch them February 10 in Austin at The Lost Well with Houston legends Josefus and then Saturday, February 11 at Satellite Bar with an array of some of Houston’s best rock acts.

The Doomstress is also one of Houston’s better-known LGBTQ advocates. Her annual Grace Note benefit helps the community’s homeless youth. She’s a model and the subject of Dear Lieutenant Governor: “We’re Just People,” a photo exhibit by artist Gary Watson. The exhibit opened earlier this month and runs through February 18 at Spring Street Studios. The black-and-white photo essay was Watson’s creative response to the repeal of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance and other recent backlashes against the LGBTQ community. Essentially, it chronicles Hollada’s daily life, which is remarkably like yours or mine when she’s not onstage rocking out.

For someone with so much upside, it came as a bit of a shock when Doomstress Alexis admitted she hasn’t pondered phenomenal fame much…until now.

Christi Vest, courtesy of Doomstress Alexis

Houston Press: You're returning to Houston as a megastar. Which venue would you select to host your triumphant return show and who is your opening act?
Doomstress Alexis: Rudyard's Pub because I love the intimacy and sound, and I could afford to hire a crew to move all the gear up and down those stairs! Definitely would have to have Wo Fat and Royal Thunder on that gig!

With great fame comes great fortune. As a member of the wealthy elite, what is the first thing you buy yourself since you are wildly rich?
The “purr-fect” custom-fit latex catsuit! Meow.

What is the first thing you would buy for someone else with your mega-riches?
A good burger.

Local act — just one — you would sign to your label since you obviously would run your own as a global music superstar:
Chase Hamblin, ’cause he is such a great person, musician, hard worker and I've never heard anything but quality work from him. Whether it’s a style or genre I'm into or not, I know it'll be top-notch.

Name one Houston celebrity-type person who is NOT in music that you would make part of your business team.
I honestly have no idea about any celebrities, but former mayor Annise Parker would probably be great to help with business. And she's cool enough to have proclaimed "Doomstress Alexis Day" in Houston for me, so there's that too!

Christi Vest, courtesy of Doomstress Alexis

What local charity would you align with as a super-powerful, super-influential, super-famous person?
Having had the honor of working with several great charities already, I'd want it to be something focused on preventing youth suicide, which hits the transgender community especially hard.

When people ask how you got so gosh darn famous, what would be your standard answer?
I kissed a butterfly as it flapped its wings.

You're asked to invest in any Houston-based company, enterprise, franchise. Which do you select, if any, and why?
Brash Brewing, to get my own DOOMSTRESS brew!

Answer either but not both of these questions: Who is the first fellow famous celebrity you'd seek an audience with since your fame would now have you rubbing elbows with celebrities; or, which exotic animal would you purchase as a prized pet with your big bucks?
(Iron Maiden bassist) Steve Harris

What do you think would be the worst thing about being ridiculously famous and what would your plan be to manage this quandary?
Being ridiculously famous would be the worst in itself. I'd start a shitty new band to bomb it, then start my resurgence as the smoke cleared.

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