iFest Aftermath: Eddie Palmieri's Tight, Steady Groove Doesn't Disappoint

A little rain didn't keep the crowds away from legendary Latin jazz pianist Eddie Palmieri's iFest performance. The Grammy winner has almost 40 albums to his credit, but he's at his best in front of a live crowd. With 50 years (yes, you read that right, five-zero... fifty... 50) as a performer and orchestra leader, Palmieri has earned generations of fans, which was reflected in the enthusiastic, dancing crowd. Palmieri's band kept up a steady, tight groove, while he performed a series of exciting solos filled with fresh ideas that delivered on one of the most anticipated performances of the weekend. One of the show's many highlights was "Vamonos Pa'l Monte." The crowd exploded when they recognized the tune after the first few notes, then happily sang


. Palmieri ended the show with an encore that lasted about 15 minutes and included a percussion solo by Palmieri - played on his keyboard. It was one of those "I was there when ..." moments fans will brag about in their old age. Besides Palmieri on piano, the band included Luques Curtis on bass, Brian Lynch on trumpet, Johnny Rivero on congas and Jose Claussel on timbales.

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