"I'll Be Stoned for Christmas" Argues for Keeping Weed Illegal

So that photo happened, apparently at the hands of a dude named Dent May. And not only is he the culprit for the worst Christmas photo known to man, but his holiday-themed song is a little foggy, too.

And yes, we remember that awful Mariah Carey earworm. "I'll Be Stoned For Christmas" lights that one up.

Described in the press release as having "the restless musical mind of a DIY pop auteur," May supposedly "investigates life's timeless mysteries, touching on youth, mortality, alienation and unrequited love with startling honesty and humor." The song does indeed sound kinda funny -- especially considering May's self-proclaimed funnybone -- but we're not that amused.


Thing is, we're all about thinking outside of the box, but must May use such stunt-queen antics -- like the madness of a holiday song about getting high -- right on the heels of all the hype surrounding legalization? Things like this give actual stoners a bad rep.

While we can't fault May for trying to jump on the pot train here -- marijuana is, after all, the only thing the nation wants to talk about -- our problem lies with just how tritely this dude treats his love of the ganja.

Take the sparkly, semi-idiotic and very green Mardi Gras glasses. Sure, it's high-larious that this grown-ass man is all dressed up and presumably stoned in his pothead finery for the holidays. But way to play into every preconceived idea about Reefer Madness ever, man. And no one over the age of 16 wears those while getting stoned, anyway.

And sure, it's great that he wanted to pose right in front of one giant-ass Christmas tree in a green suit with some fuzzy balls glued to those green glitter glasses, but come on. The only thing missing from this marijuana mess is an actual pot leaf spread out behind our songwriter hero as he rolls a joint with Snoop Dogg. It's not easy being dressed in (and standing in front of), green, you know.

We get it. May likes the green. He likes it so much that he used the color profusely on a publicity photo for a holiday song about getting stoned. The sticky-icky is his thing. Awesome.

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Angelica Leicht
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