iLL LiaD Blows Up... Way Up

Rocks Off is following our sister Houston Press blogs into the choppy waters of "Comment of the Day," choosing a comment or a handful of comments from the previous day we find especially enlightening, infuriating or just plain hilarious. We're glad our readers have opinions, whatever they are, about what we write, and encourage them to keep 'em coming.

There's really only one choice for Comment of the Day this morning. Wednesday about noon, Shea Serrano's interview with Houston underground rapper iLL Liad had about four comments.

Roughly six hours later, 31 comments. Those of us who saw iLL's bravura "Fuck the Meridian!" performance opening for Wu-Tang Sunday knew he was a star. Looks like it took the rest of you about 48 hours to catch up.

Houston being Houston, naturally, there were a few haters sprinkled among all the compliments. A sampling:

Jozef says:

Homeboy Ill Liad, Rusty James, and John Black bringing that real hip hop back to Houston. And they say the South killed hip hop smfh.

Wayword says:

mad props for opening up for the mighty Wu

D-Risha says:

Ill Liad. No-holds barred at its finest anything goes style hip hop keep giving it to em raw homey!!

Scarlett says:

This kid is the TRUTH of hip.. I love you B! :)

The Almighty Dollar says:

From spittin out flows in the backseat to opening up for Wu.... tons of love and props son.

Ill Lad says:

just trying to tell the people the truth... how he's a godamn liar

-iLL LiaD- says:

Godbless you homie......Haters Make Us Famous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep going!

anonymous says:

Ill Liad props on the success. Its happenin.

blue says:

He is the truth of hip hop in Houston, tx!!!!!!

Eric Dean says:

Ill Liad...real recognize real.Love this cat...mad swag & a real team player! Catch him at The Main Street Block Party!There will be 30 plus bands and a bunch of awesome DJ's...we will actually have more than 1 mic on hand.

That Guy says:

Who is the Wu-Tang Clan? Do they sound like Bone Thugs & Harmony?

Kruxx says:

Big things for my homies!! Big ups to A.D.D. Ill Liad and Jon Black! RESPECT!

Ash says:

Yo, Epic B. Keep it real.

Anonymous says:

dude comes out at every show super energetic and getting the crowd going.one of houstons underground rappers you know is going places.

2ster says:

dope.ill liads legit as fuck man.staying true to grass root hip hop with being passionate and unique.houston appreciates the realness.keep it up homie...see you at the top

Skuzzy says:

Big up Ill Liad. I see he's doing big things. Nice one

Brando says:

Well, it wouldn't be iLL if he didn't curse up a strom and promote himself the only way he can. I'm looking forward to that Salvation LP dropping at the end of the year.

Leslie says:

Known this guy for a while and he has made a major change in his life. Havent heard alot of his stuff but he's not gunna stop till he reaches the top and i will not be surprised when they happens.

Tyler Tran says:

Props to iLL LiaD for the opening @ numbers, and good shit bro.

Khama says:

iLLiad is one of the realest MC's I've ever met or heard. Salvation LP Dec 31st!!

bandEra says:

its about time for real hip hop to surface! keep that shit up man. If they dont understand then fuck 'em

Joel C3 says:

iLL Liad brought it home sunday yall. His set was full of energy. Keep doing your thing homey. Fuck The Meridian!

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