"I'm On A Boat" Gets Steampunk Makeover, Boba Fett

Rocks Off is quite keen on steampunk, which is basically when you take a bunch of clockwork technology and shoehorn it into Victorian times. It's a small subset of geekdom, but growing quite a bit in popular literature.

So as long as we're transporting modern improvements into the past, why not take The Lonely Island's acclaimed "I'm on a Boat!" and set it on an airship amidst satin coats and corsets? Should we throw Boba Fett into the video as well? Honestly, we can't see any reason not to. That's just what Dragon*ConTV did. We got a chance to sit down with Brian Richardson of DCTV and ask him a little about the video.

Rocks Off: What's so great about blimps? I mean, wouldn't being on a boat be just as good?

Brian Richardson: Since we're dealing with steampunk, a Victorian image of sci-fi, the blimp seems to work better. Blimps represent a freedom of movement, the ability to explore anywhere. Boats, like Aquaman, are only cool on the water.

For the Dragon*ConTV video, doing a steampunk parody of a rap video made a lot of sense. Steampunk has the refined image associated with the gentleman explorer, so it's funny to see it portrayed with the bombast that The Lonely Island uses when they parody hip-hop.

RO: Is steampunk here to stay, or is it just a passing fad?

BR: It's hard to pin that one down. At first it just looked like a fad, but steampunk allows people to be very creative and has very few rules for what falls into the genre. The steampunk movement has been around for years, it's just getting a lot of attention by being associated with the "maker" hobbyist movement. I think this flexibility gives is the potential to stick around for a while.

Keep in mind, we've got people at Dragon*Con who follow very established fandoms. Star Wars is over 30 years old, Star Trek is over 40 years old and The Lord of the Rings was published in the 1950s. We still get laughs making fun of Soylent Green on Dragon*ConTV.

RO: Do you consider Steampunk Fett an ancestor, an alternate dimensional counterpart or just a rockin' cameo?

BR: I'm going with the "alternate." Star Wars was "a long time ago" which could be long before Victorian times. The Victorian era needs a good bounty hunter, Sherlock Holmes can't be everywhere.

RO: Motherfrakkin'?

BR: Rap does feature quite a bit of profanity, but we didn't feel like actually swearing in our video. Battlestar Galactica uses the word "frak" as a TV-friendly substitute ("frak me," "frak you," "I'd frak that"). We also incorporated words like "poppycock" and "dollymop" which were quite rude in Victorian times. It expresses the right mood without scaring my parents.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.