In the Air Tonight: Phil Collins Headed to the Cleaners

Don't be too surprised if Phil "Sussudio" Collins heads into the stu-stu-studio to make a new album soon - maybe another Disney soundtrack a la


- or calls up his old Genesis mates for an encore to last year's "farewell" tour. Its 13-date North American leg skipped Houston anyway, so that would be cool - I always did like "Land of Confusion."

Collins, 57, has agreed to pay third wife Orianne Cevey £25 million - or around $46 million - in what UK Web site Digital Spy calls Britain's biggest-ever celebrity divorce settlement: "He is now estimated to be paying nearly a third of his rumored £140 million fortune ($260 million) to his former partners." The couple married in 1999 and have two children.

Genesis, "Land of Confusion" - this freaks me out every time I watch it.

Collins agreed to a £17 million ($31 million, using the current exchange rate) settlement with second wife Jill Tavelman in 1994. Rocks Off did a little digging and found some more rock-star divorce dirt after the jump.

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills (right)

Length of marriage: June 2002-March 2008 (separated July 2006)

Amount of settlement: £24.3 million ($48.6 million)

Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra

Length of marriage: November 2003-February 2007 (separated July 2006)

Amount of settlement: none

Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson

Length of marriage July 2006-February 2007 (separated November 2006)

Amount of settlement: none

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson (right)

Length of marriage: February 1995-February 1998; currently living together

Amount of settlement: Lee was ordered to pay Anderson's legal fees and attend anger management classes.

Tommy Lee and Heather Locklear

Length of marriage: May 1986-August 1993

Amount of settlement: unknown

Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese (right)

Length of marriage: December 2005-December 2006

Amount of settlement: none - Chris Gray

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