In the Hot Seat with Nick Cody from Wild Moccasins

The Wild Moccasins aren't playing the Showcase this year, but we caught up Nick Cody and asked him what he was doing here.

Who are you here to see?
I want to see Buxton and the Tontons. I'm also going to play with Tontons, a song that Tom wrote and he's going to play guitar to it. I'm going to be on bass. Also, Fat Tony but I think he's playing the same time as the Tontons.

Who are your HPMA picks?
Nick Cody for Best Bassist. (Are you really nominated?) No, I'm not popular. 
Best Local Song: I've never heard any of those songs, so I can't really say.
Best Guitarist: Adam Martinez of the Tontons. 
Best Female Vocalist: Zahira Gutierrez
Best Miscellaneous Instrument: Geoffrey Muller

What have you been listening to lately?
Olivia Tremor Control, Brian Eno -- I got them on tour and have been listening to them.

How was your recent tour?
My favorite city was playing in Brooklyn -- both shows were very well attended. First we played at a punk, DIY place and the second night we played at an upscale, yuppie bar, which was awkward.

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Dusti Rhodes
Contact: Dusti Rhodes