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In The Jailhouse Now: Tom DeLay's Prison Soundtrack

Tom DeLay is, in Lonesome, Onry and Mean's opinion, one of the lowest, vilest, most divisive, scum-sucking snake oil salesmen ever to enter politics. Now DeLay is heading to the pokey to serve time for his money laundering activities (pending his appeal, of course).

We don't recall another House member going to the Big House since Illinois congressman Dan Rostenkowski went down for mail fraud in 1996, back when Newt the Poot and DeLay were prattling on about their Contract With America. Look where that BS took us.

The smugness of Delay's reply to the judge that he doesn't feel remorse because he didn't feel like he was doing anything wrong at the time is so typical of the arrogance of our elected officials that it makes LOM want to puke.

Hopefully the Bug Juice Salesman is toting his iPod when he heads off to Seagoville or one of those other white-collar country-club prisons where the privileged criminal element is housed. Here are a few suggestions for his listening pleasure as he plays croquet with Jeff Skilling.

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William Michael Smith