In the Shade: In the Hot Seat with Chris from Gold Sounds

We just heard the Gold Sounds and were pretty impressed. We decided to pull guitarist Chris over ask him "Who are you guys?"

Well, we're from Deer Park. Sean recently moved to La Porte. Dee and Sean are brothers.

How long have you been together? Since '05. I was going to UT before.

Chris says the guys formed after leaving their previous bands -- Chris was in Tokyo Space Cadets and Sean and Dee were in a group known as Seedless Grapes.

Chris says: We sounded completey different. They sounded like Weezer; we were a joke metal band.

So where does the sound come from? When we first started we all listened to Kings of Leon and just basic stuff like The Beatles. I got really into Sonic Youth, so I just wanted it to sound really noisy.

How did that end up working out? You guys have a real blues rock sound ... We're still fairly traditional sounding.

So, any plans to move to Houston? No. We're going to stay on the outside and work our way in.

So, um, how is Deer Park? People think we play in Deer Park. People think that there is a scene in Deer Park.

According to Chris and Sean, there is no scene in Deer Park. They guys come down here for all their live show actioin.

Any unknown facts about the band? Chris says: Sean and I are really into professional wrestling. We can talk about it for hours. Did you know there was a wrestler named Dusty Rhodes?

We did, he has son named Gold Dust.

-- Dusti Rhodes

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.