In the Shade: Winding Down

In the Shade: Winding Down

Well, it's getting too late for us folks. Ume just took the stage. And if you missed her last night at the Sharks & Sailors CD release show at Walter's. Well, you missed out. We'll probably head out soon. Too much rock. We can't take this much in one day.

But before we leave. We're gonna get a kiddo's take on the action. Ten-year-old Emma from The EmmaLemma blog is going to give us her thoughts on the action.

Here's Emma:

I liked the rapping part, the beginning , and some parts of the end. Otherwise, It was pretty entertaining! But seriously, go to my blog.......NOW!

Thanks, Emma. Well, folks. Left up here at Shady Tavern are You(Genious) and plenty of others. Tomorrow the rockness will continue with News on the March, Elaine Greer, Teenage Kicks and a whole lot more.

Over and out.

--Dusti Rhodes


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