Indiana Farm Boy: 50 Glorious Years Of Axl Rose

W. Axl Rose, born William Bruce Rose, Jr., turns 50 today, shimmying and snake-dancing into this world on February 6, 1962. It's been a fun -- and rocky -- past 25 years with the man, full of great music, great fights, and great fashion choices, and that ever-present squeal.

Rose isn't the only thing in GNR history to be celebrating a milestone this year. The band's Appetite For Destruction turns 25, hitting stores on July 21, 1987. Further icing on the cake will be GNR's Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction coming in April, an event which is already fraught with controversy, as GNR guitarist Slash and Rose don't exactly jive well together in the same vicinity. By all accounts available though, the rest of the original GNR get along well enough to be near Rose.

Rose's last Houston appearance with GNR was back in November at the Toyota Center, where the new band and Rose turned in a satisfying set, according to our Pete Vonder Haar, lasting over three hours, spanning their whole catalog, even the new stuff. It gave all of us hope who had written the man off unfairly. Great songs are great songs, and Rose's voice still hits the sweet spots.

Here is a collection of pictures of Rose through the years, from that Indiana "farm boy" to the middle-aged rocker, who has somehow -- and improbably -- redeemed himself. The ticket sales don't lie.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.