InfoWars Thinks Katy Perry & Kesha Are Illuminati Witches

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Jones' fearection with Perry goes back to 2012 as far as I can tell. That's when the pop singer released "Part of Me." The song is a pretty typical post-breakup tune, but it did cause some controversy because of a music video that Perry filmed with U.S. Marines at Camp Pendelton. Perry's explanation was that the song is about strength and overcoming long odds, and going through Marine training was the hardest thing she could think of.

Some felt that the video was blatant military propaganda and speculated that Perry had been paid to make it. Jones, though, took that viewpoint, ran it back 80 yards and spiked it after the touchdown.

Quoted from the above video (which I watched in full for you people)...

I'm not bashing the Marines themselves, but the endless propaganda that this empire pushes, that our captured country by Goldman Sachs is pushing, the Marines aren't ours anymore. They belong to the globalists.

He then goes on to lament that in every movie that he goes to see now women are the heroes and the men are metrosexual idiots, but let's go back to that globalists comment. What does Jones mean by that?

To explain that, let's jump forward a couple of years to when Katy Perry releases "Dark Horse" with another video that is admittedly demonic-themed. You know, because that hasn't literally been a staple of rock and pop music since the beginning, but whatever.

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