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Inquiring Minds: Batting Practice With George Thorogood, Bad As He Ever Was

George Thorogood is a funny, talkative fellow. In this week's print edition, he told us how the Rolling Stones turned him onto the blues, how playing in a strip club helped his band the Delaware Destroyers "claw our way to the middle" and his amusement at how often the familiar riff from 1982's "Bad to the Bone" shows up in trailers for children's movies. That's not all we talked about...

Rocks Off: How are you doing today?

George Thorogood: I'm sneaking by.

RO: Where are you calling from?

GT: It's hard to say.

RO: What? Where you are?

GT: You want to know where I am?

RO: Yeah.

GT: Well, I swore under oath to the government not to give the whereabouts of my location. But I'll make an exception with you. I'm in a state that's on the Pacific Coast. Fair enough?

RO: OK. What have you been up to lately?

GT: Well, you know. Working on the Great American Novel. I'm also working on my changeup. But there's no money in it, so I'm trying to keep the rock band together. Coming down to the House of Blues.

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