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Inquiring Minds: Dropkick Murphys' Al Barr On Boston Politics And His Punk-Loving Kids

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Rocks Off: What's the European reception like to the Murphys compared to the one you get in the States?

Al Barr: They really enjoy the whole mix of the Irish folk and punk rock in Europe. I would say that mainland Europe is even more into it than places like England. For example, in Germany they really love the bagpipes, whistles and banjo. We just played Spain for the first time in ten years and we started "Warriors Code" and you could hear the entire crowd singing the melody of the song. It was intense.

RO: How have you seen the crowds evolve since the beginning of the band?

AB: In the early days we got more of a purist punk/Oi! fanbase, and we still get that as well, but now it's everyone who just wants to have a good time. We hope that people get what they need when they come see us, that's one of our intentions. Have a good time and forget your troubles for a while.

RO: Lyrically, you guys seem to be speaking a language not many bands are at this point in time, with that stoic and steadfast working-class vibe coming through.

AB: I think we have always written about what we know and what touches us. We aren't so much globally political as we are all about neighborhood politics. It's interesting to see how things have come full circle, and it's sad to say that some of the things we have sung about are happening today. A lot of bad things are going on, but we have always written only about things we know and that people can relate to.

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