Inquiring Minds

Inquiring Minds: Henry Rollins Has A Lot To Say. Surprised?

Since his debut in 1981 as Black Flag's fourth, last and best lead singer, Henry Rollins has been the emissary of intelligent hardcore punk rock and its accompanying ideals. Through his five-year history with the band, from the LPs Damaged to In My Head, he brought an animalistic, poetic spirit to the band. He began his tenure with the band as a bald, lithe, Iggy Pop-style frontman and ended it in 1986 as a long-haired tattooed road warrior in small black workout shorts and a world-weary mind.

After Black Flag broke up, Rollins began his own rebirth in earnest as an author and public speaker, and started a new band of his own in Rollins Band. His increasing beefy physique was a far cry from the skinny hardcore kid he was a decade before. He even appeared on MTV Sports talking about fitness. Coming from the man who sang "Slip It In," it was a tad jarring.

Musically, apart from Flag, he is best known for the Rollins Band singles "Low Self Opinion," "Disconnect" and "Liar," which is arguably his modern-day calling card. The video's inclusion on Beavis and Butt-Head probably helped bring Rollins a whole new reverent audience in the '90s. Untold amounts of kids more than likely got into hardcore just through one showing of a Rollins Band video on MTV back then.

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