Inquiring Minds: Mexican Global Groovers and World Travelers Plastilina Mosh

Plastilina Mosh has a new CD out, All U Need Is Mosh, on Nacional Records, and brings its international sound to Houston Thursday for a free concert with Venezuela's Los Amigos Invisibles. That's right, it's free - all it costs is a very worthwhile trip outside the Loop. Rocks Off hasn't picked up All U Need yet, but here are three picks from the album that should convince you to do it: "My Party" "Let U Know" "Pervert Pop Song" P-Mosh (you try spelling it correctly!) is made up of only two members, J.R. Gonzalez and Alejandro Rosso, both from Monterrey, Mexico. Rocks Off caught up with Jonaz in Brazil at the beginning of the duo's "All You Need is Mosh" tour. Rocks Off: Where have you been so far on this tour? J.R. Gonzalez: We have been to Latin America and Mexico. Now we're going to Hong Kong. RO: Hong Kong? JRG: Yeah, it's a culture thing. I'm not sure if they're fans of ours, but I think they're more curious to hear something from Mexico. RO: How do you say Plastilina Mosh in Chinese? JRG: I'm not sure yet. RO: Your influences have been reported to be everything from John Coltrane to Sepultura. What's the definition of the Mosh to you? JRG: It's a blend of a lot of things we used to hear. It's just like a free space to do something weird, an experiment. We're not looking for a specific sound or style. Just for a little space to do things we think are right. RO: Like a global audio canvas to unleash creativity. JRG: You just said it better than me. RO: Wikipedia says you and Alejandro Rosso met at Wal-Mart playing Super Nintendo. Is that true? JRG: It's true. We used to play a lot of Nintendo. At the beginning, we started as a side project from our original bands and we didn't take it so seriously. We'd just get together to do something, have beers and play video games. It was more like our playground than our job. I'm still like a real gamer. I have good numbers on Call of Duty. And I eventually wrote for some magazines in Mexico for video games. RO: Tell us more about your hit song "Mr. P Mosh." JRG: "Mr. P Mosh" is more like a good moment than a song. In 1997, we stayed a little longer in Los Angeles with producer Jason Roberts and Cypress Hill. We met Sen Dog when he was producing the Control Machete album in Monterrey, and we were kinda like tour guides for him. We were about to leave and he said, "You guys should stay here for a couple of days." So we convinced our record label at the time that we needed stay longer for work, but it was kind of a lie because our real purpose was to go to Dodger Stadium and see the Dodgers. RO: Are you a baseball fan? JRG: I'm more of a soccer fan, but Alejandro is a big fan of baseball, so it was a good opportunity for him. We live in Mexico so to see the Dodgers... they're kinda sports stars, so it was a good experience. RO: You've been to Texas a few times already. What's your impression of Texas and Houston? JRG: I like Texas a lot. I think my favorite city is Austin, though, because there's a lot of music there. RO: We'll have to edit that statement out of the interview. JRG: No, but really, the first time in I was in Houston was in 1993. I was there for the Lollapalooza. I was a big fan of Primus and that was my first experience with Houston. The few times I've been there, it's always been a good time. P-Mosh pits its retro-futuristic rock/hip-hop sound in a battle of the bands Thursday evening against Venezuelans Los Amigos Invisibles at Escapade 2001 (11903 Eastex Fwy.) Thursday night. Doors open at 8 p.m.

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