Insane Clown Posse Incites Spiritual Debate, Asks "Where's God?"

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We've all asked the question, believers or non-believers alike: "Where's God?" In times of personal trial, family strife, financial disaster, or just sailing the choppy seas of relationships, when we need some sort of supernatural solution or healing word, we ask where the Christian creator could be in such a time of havoc. 9/11, Columbine, cancer, you name it.

"Where's God?" we cry into the night, with tear-filled eyes.

Well, Insane Clown Posse wants to know too, and the noted poet laureates of America's unwashed underclass finally managed to wrap up all of your spiritual doubts and misgivings into "Where's God?" on their just-released The Mighty Death Pop!

The Detroit duo's nearly four-minute screed against a seemingly uninterested deity calls the man upstairs out for letting crib death happen while he's "pumping his iPod," among other things like the war in Iraq and drunk drivers.

(Some of you would also go as far to claim that the very existence of ICP is proof positive that no gods do in fact exist. Another blog for another day.)

They also allege that money that goes into collection plates on Sundays goes to buy dope. Heavy accusations.

"If He was up their chillin' letting this happen, He would be in need of a slapping," they intone. But at the end of the day, the Posse remind us that none of us are experts after all, and don't know how "shit works" so there lies an underlying message of Agnosticism.

"You don't own a gun? Man, you should plan to," says Violent J, describing boogiemen and criminals cavorting among polite society. Is the Clown down with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan? Maybe so.

This is very much a "Miracles" sequel aimed not at science, but at the flaws of theology. The fact that the Posse doesn't mention a non-Christian deity is telling too. They suggest switching gears on God in protest, and not believing in him to get his goat, so he will start making changes in the world he created.

A strike on religion? A novel idea. Most people could get behind this sentiment, rather than staring at a magnet in wonder and amazement for hours. Though each sounds fun.

Surely Buddha and the rest of those fellas some of us pray to are to blame for pain and misery in the world. There is no mention of any others in God's place. The fact that the duo only accepts the capital-G God is proof that they still believe in his existence, if only to damn him for standing idly by while children are "found duct-taped and raped" and "homeless families freeze on a stairs."

Meanwhile, I am still wondering what God would have on his iPod.

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