Insect Warfare

Besides Daniel Shaw's stunning cover art, Insect Warfare's World Extermination booklet boasts an equally priceless lyric sheet. As these 20 scalding missives ("Self Termination," "Armored Virus," "Necessary Death") escort civilization straight down the tubes in a little under 23 minutes, blade-twisting turns of phrase like "Make you bite the curb if you bite off me again" and "You and all your MySpace friends should get flushed down the toilet" might have otherwise been lost to the ages; it's impossible to make out word one in IW's full-fledged riot of double kickdrum and hellspawn guitar. The local trio practices the form of musical self-­mutilation known as grindcore, the brutal hybrid of metal and hardcore that first spewed forth from groups like Napalm Death, Carcass and Anal Cunt — essentially the sound of everything good and pure being pulverized into oblivion at tempos that would give Lemmy a heart attack. Great stuff, especially if you've been harboring a deep-seated grudge against a coworker, family member or just that prick who won't let you in front of him on the West Loop: World Extermination is exponentially more cathartic than flipping the bird, and much shorter than the average murder trial.

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