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Inside A Brand-New Label With AMG MC Marcus Manchild

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AAR: In your brain, where is AMG in two years, or in 20 years? Can it become another Rap-a-Lot, or is that not the business to emulate anymore?

MM: In my eyes, AMG can take over the world. Shout out to Rap-a-Lot; they started this mainstream Houston movement. I feel we can be the same as long as we keep working like we've been doing there's no way we can't be at the top in the next 2 years.

AAR: Let's say that, hypothetically, AMG eventually crumbles into a million tiny bites. What happens immediately afterwards for the artists involved?

MM: At the rate we are progressing, I can't even imagine AMG crumbling. We are focused and ready to put Houston back on a national level.

AAR: To that last point, Nate [manager] mentioned how if the label wasn't were you all saw it going in the next six or so months, you all might step away. If you were to step away, what would that entail? Like, would you be entirely independent at that point? And what does it mean when an artist says he or she is independent?

MM: Our next six month goal is an aggressive one. We are going to turn it up a few notches. Our motto is "Teamwork makes the dream work." With the team we have, anything is possible. AMG is here to stay.

Follow Marcus Manchild on Twitter at @marcusmanchild. His new tape, SPACEDOUT, is available on iTunes. Get it.

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