Introducing Break Dem Boyz Off, Only Five Years After They Should've Been Introduced

The video above, that's by Break Dem Boyz Off, an enjoyable fescennine rap conglomerate that's somehow been functioning since 2006. Members include DJ Young Samm (the figurehead, it appears), Hoodstar Chantz, King Rashee, Lil Boom, II D.E.E.P, K.Carter, Rob Smallz (R&B) and Tiaramy (R&B).

They released a new album earlier this week. It's called Break Dem Boyz Off Compilation. A proper review will be run soon here, but a bit of tidying up first:

Since the group is a multitude, and since we've really only ever written about one of their members (the endlessly hoodstarian Hoodstar Chantz), and since rappers have names that make reading about a bunch of new ones all at once feel like you're just reading a bunch of fake words, it seemed a prep course was in order.

So, four videos from the team, each highlighting a different person (those not listed here have new music pending).

King Rashee's "Cool Nights," featuring Leo Solomon

How DJ Young Samm Describes Him In One Word: Reserved

Hoodstar Chantz's "Stacking Up"

How DJ Young Samm Describes Him In One Word: Dynamo

Lil Boom's "Hate on Me"

How DJ Young Samm Describes Him In One Word: Hustler

Tiaramy's "PSA"

How DJ Young Samm Describes Her In One Word: Energetic

If you'd like to remain getting broken off, you may do so at www.djyoungsamm.com/p/break-dem-boyz-off-ent.html.

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