Screwston, Texas

Introducing the Mr. Wired Up (Oh Boy) Guest Feature Counter

This year, Mr. Wired Up (Oh Boy), a kinetic, wiry local rapper who, as you may have suspected, excels within the Strip Club Rap subgenre, has set forth on a valiant journey: He is attempting to supply America with exactly 100 guest verses in 2013. Here's a bit of an explanation:

Rocks Off: Can you send me a picture?

Mr. Wired Up: [see above]

RO: This is all the way perfect. Thank you. So why are you trying to do 100 guest features this year?

MWU: I'm doing this because I wanna be able to show everyone all sides of me. I'm doing all genres of music, not just strip club music. [note: That is what Mr. Wired is widely known for] I'm an all-around artist.

RO: Ha-ha. That's funny because you sent me a picture of you with a stripper behind you.

MWU: [laughs]: I know. Real contradiction [laughs]. But I stay in my lane at all times. But I love music too much to be a boxed-in artist.

We at Rocks Off, we are fans of fun music, for sure. But we are even bigger fans of insanity, and 100 guest verses in one year is precisely that. So, as the circumstances dictate as such, we will update what we're geniusly referring to as the Mr. Wired Up (Oh Boy) Guest Feature Counter with links to each of his features.

Today, we offer installments 1-5, an assortment of rap built ready for late-night consumption:

1. @Dbando_cmg, "She Workin'," feat. @mrwiredupohboy

2. @QDog21, "Do Dat," feat. @mrwiredupohboy

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Shea Serrano