Iris: "Closer To Real" Is Nearer To Perfect

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Your Daily VJ is one of those people who didn't really become a real person until he stayed up until 2 a.m. on a school night watching the never-ending parade of groundbreaking music that they hid from the world on MTV's 120 Minutes.

When on of the Count of Montrose's loyal retainers sent us the video for Iris's new song "Closer to Real," it was like we were back under the covers wondering if Shirley Manson was single.

Not all videos require action, special effects and minotaurs. Sometimes you really can get away with a guy in sunglasses leaning against a wall and disaffectedly laying his lyrics upon thee. It helps that the colors used in the video are so impressive that your colorblind narrator can appreciate them, as well as the subtle interplay of fragmented images and motion.

But the real star of the video is the colon-stomping exceptionalism of the track. If this does not become the dance hit of 2010, we will be very shocked. "Closer Than Real" draws upon every darker impulse of the late '90s and sews them up in a shroud of modern pop sensibilities. The end result is a song to wage the war of life to.

Iris's new album Blacklight drops this Thursday.

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