Iron Maiden Digs Back Somewhere In Time At the Woodlands

If you were just a casual Iron Maiden fan, Friday night's gig out at the shed in the Woodlands would have confounded and maybe even angered you. If you own the band's entire catalog on tape, vinyl, and disc, and maybe had their ghoulish mascot Eddie airbrushed on your wedding cake, then you were in heaven for nearly two hours as the band fired off album tracks and obscure fan favorites.

That means that we didn't hear "2 Minutes To Midnight" or "Run To The Hills", or even "The Trooper". If you are a Maiden veteran, maybe you don't need to hear those VH1 Classic staples yet again. It was a show for true Maiden fans, that crazy breed of power-metal devotees who breathe every howl from lead singer Bruce Dickinson and would snort every sweaty drum crack from Nicko McBrain like it was pure Colombian dust. It very much separated the Maiden men from the maiden boys.

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Craig Hlavaty
Contact: Craig Hlavaty