The picture Delicious Milk sent Rocks Off was just slightly NSFW, but you can see for yourself here.

Is Delicious Milk the Best Band In Houston?

Well, Rocks Off doesn't know about that, but the mysterious Montrose-dwellers certainly are the most persistent, not to mention possibly the most mammary-fixated musicians on the planet. DM has been bugging Rocks Off to post its song "Titties Tonight" - which the band claims "condenses and reduces every rock and roll song ever written down to one solitary song" for weeks, so he's finally relenting.

Although musically it doesn't progress much past 1963, "TT" is a pretty decent facsimile of NRBQ, Jerry Lee Lewis and/or Cavern Club-era Beatles - if, of course, they ate, drank and breathed breasts. Judging by DM's MySpace page, it also appears to be the only song DM has ever written. Limiting yourself thematically tends to have that effect.

In the interest of gender fair play, here's a link to another breast song - there don't seem to be all that many out there, so who knows, DM may be onto something - the Black Eyed Peas' Fergie-led "My Humps," and Salt 'n' Pepa's "Shoop," which contains the memorable line "gotta thank your mama for a butt like that." - Chris Gray

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