Is Gilley's Coming Back to Pasadena?

One way you know it must be rodeo season is when strange things like this start happening.

Mickey Gilley, the country singer and businessman who made Pasadena world-famous when his Gilley's nightclub was featured in the 1980 movie Urban Cowboy, announced on Facebook about 30 minutes ago that he is exploring bringing another Gilley's to Pasadena.

In the video, Gilley says that he had dinner with the mayor of Pasadena (who would be Johnny Isbell, in office on and off since 1981) and his attorney, and that he hopes to open a Gilley's near Fairmont Parkway and Red Bluff Road in the near future.

"Hopefully we're going to have a Gilley's club once again in the great city of Pasadena, Texas, which I refer to as my hometown," he says.

Now 76, Gilley also owns Gilley's Texas Cafe and the Mickey Gilley Theater in Branson, Mo. About a year ago, he returned to performing after suffering a serious fall that necessitated several months of rehabilitation.

The whole video is below. Stay tuned.

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