Is Tha Carter IV Really Better Than Watch The Throne?

Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Every Monday that isn't a national holiday (and soon after when it is), Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture.

This Week's Panel: Chane, Kiotti, Doughbeezy, Brad Gilmore, Kyle Hubbard, Chingo Bling, C-Stone, KDOGG, hasHBrown

Not Invited: Birdman. Duh.

This Week's Prompt: Lil Wayne released Tha Carter IV, and it managed to break Jay and Kanye's iTunes record they just set with Watch The Throne. So, thoughts on CIV?

Chane: I haven't heard the album, but judging by the songs he put out, it should live up to the expectations of his fans. By breaking Watch The Throne's record with sales, he can throw an honest jab [at Jay-Z] and say, "Numbers don't lie." Musically, though, it's a different story.

Kiotti: Wayne stays creating his own lane. I'm a fan of the music and the movement. C4. I gave it 4 out of 5. You can't fake hard work or loyal fans. Say what you want about the man, his music is on point. Now, those jeggings... [laughs]

Chingo Bling: "She Will" is my jam. I like "John" so much that I did my own version called "Juan." I think Cash Money wants to sign Tech N9ne.

Doughbeezy: As a fan, I was disappointed. The album didn't suck, but it wasn't the Wayne I became a fan of. I feel he didn't put no effort in his punchlines and delivery. I honestly think he needs his drugs back.

C-Stone: Sounds like a mixtape to me. It jams, but not a whole lotta substance like the earlier Carters.

Brad Gilmore: First, Tha Carter IV doesn't compare to Watch The Throne. Second, I believe most people purchased the album just because it was the official follow-up to Wayne's last quality album, Tha Carter 3. Lastly, I believe it might be time for Weezy to act as a businessman and give up the spotlight.

The album was mediocre at best and shows Wayne's declining ability to make quality hip-hop. I think since the release of Rebirth, and all his subsequent releases, Wayne has consistently declined in talent. For example, out of the 14 or so tracks on C4, maybe two or three were quality, so the album was full of filler. The releases by Lil Wayne after C3, he focused on quantity not quality. Swag.

Kyle Hubbard: It's extremely boring to me. I've never been crazy about Wayne's style, but I always found him bearable at the very least. But this album is complete trash to me. The same tired formula as always, only this time it sounds completely uninspired. He may have sold more copies, but Watch the Throne is a work of art. Carter IV is a boring mess no better than his weaker mixtapes.

KDOGG: I liked C4. Favorite tracks: "How to Hate"; 'How to Love"; "Interlude" with 3 Stacks; and maybe "Abortion." He balanced out the album with different tracks with different concepts. Nice production, well put together, but still ain't fucking with Watch the Throne.

hasHBrown: Tha Carter IV is everything that is wrong with hip-hop and everything that is right with building a fanbase. Wayne's album doesn't compare to Watch The Throne , or even Game's RED Album when it comes to production, lyricism, and originality.

C4 isn't better than any of the other Carter's which is disappointing because of how far wayne has come in the game. C4 is the same formulaic rap songs Wayne has been putting out since C3 came out.

His metaphors are tired and happen way too frequently; sounds like a watered down Drake versus the legitimate Heir to Throne he used to sound like in 2004-2007. The album's production is average and the best rapping on C4 isn't from Wayne himself. See: Tech N9ne, Andre 3000, Nas and Bun-B.

The fascinating thing is that Wayne's fans responded strongly by buying this half-witted installment. It's been panned by critics and rappers everywhere. His fan base is far younger than The Throne's and still believe in buying product even when it isn't up to par. That's a true fan.

Wayne is still one of my favorite MC's when he's focused and is pushed to be great. When Wayne isn't pushed, his product suffers. His album got a serious listen one time and one time only. The concepts and song quality won't take all day to digest and shit out; fast food rap.

I'll never listen to C4 again. On the other hand WTT, RED have more playability after their release dates. I'm into timeless music, or music that lasts longer than a weekend.

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