Is This the Most Interesting Underground Rap Video Made In the U.S. This Year?

This is Dustin-Prestige, and below is the video for his song "I Am Legend."

Recently the Houston Press announced the categories for this year's Houston Press Music Awards, among them was the inaugural Best Music Video category. [More info on all that soon, but remember nominations close at midnight tomorrow -- ed.] And now all of those things have intersected.

Prestige has been covered here before, most recently securing the temporary Best Mixtape of the Year Thus Far title with Plaid, an ambitious outing that did its very best to make classifying it as "a rap project" only a half-truth.

Within Plaid's narrative, "I Am Legend" served as the dark point, a purposeful examination of a somber, detached human that, at its most imposing, managed to take itself endearingly seriously. It's brooding and it's more brooding and then it's a little intimidating.

Still, I don't think anybody could've anticipated how darkly it skewed in visualizing itself.

No commentary is more effective than you actually watching it. More importantly though, it's impossible to talk about it with someone who hasn't seen it without upending some of its punch, so do that.

And then go here to nominate it for an award.

Dustin-Prestige - I AM LEGEND (Music Video) from Ronnie West on Vimeo.

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