Is Thy Milk Not Epic? Add Carmina Burana!

Well folks, it's been great bringing you the videos every day, but sometimes you just run plum out of Internet. Remember, the sun never sets on those who ride off into it!

The country remains divided on any number of issues, but on one thing your Daily VJ is certain that all can agree upon. Namely, that there are few moments in life that would not be improved by background music.

Don't feel like making those copies? Well what if Harvey Danger was in the cubicle next-door singing about your secret dreams of being in the rodeo?

Hate waiting for the bus? You'd know that it's just the start of a hilarious misadventure if the Spin Doctors were crouched in the puddles of pee behind the bushes belting out "Two Princes."

Well, one man decided to man-up his milk by setting it to the epic song that other epic songs play when they need epic background music, namely "O Fortuna" from Carl Orff's Carmina Burana!

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