It Was 45 Years Ago Today...

If you're more than about 50 years old, today is most likely the anniversary of one of your most powerful memories. In the early evening hours of February 9, 1964, more than 73 million people sat glued to their televisions as the course of American pop culture was altered forever. It all started with these two words...

"All My Loving," "'Til There Was You," "She Loves You"

More Beatlemania after the jump. But first, tell Rocks Off what you remember about watching the Liverpool lads on Ed Sullivan.

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Jack Paar's CBS News report on Beatlemania, November 1963

"I Saw Her Standing There," Washington Coliseum, Washington, D.C.,
February 11, 1964 - the band's first North American concert

"Twist and Shout," Shea Stadium, New York, August 15, 1965 -
four days before the band's only Houston concert at Sam Houston Coliseum

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