It's International Day Of Slayer: Ten Slayer Songs For Awkward Life Moments

Today is the sixth International Day of Slayer, started in 2006 to coincide with June 6, 2006, the most evil-numbered date in history. It's also lead singer Tom Araya's birthday, and the guitarist now makes his home on a ranch in Buffalo, Texas - God's country, really, just a few hundred miles north of Houston.

Oh, and it's also the 67th anniversary of D-Day, so be sure to honor that first before you even do anything else. If it wasn't for the brave men at Normandy fighting for the peace in this world, we probably couldn't even have Slayer. We would all be listening to lots of Richard Wagner and Kraftwerk. Well... that's not so bad, but it's not Slayer.

Rocks Off is a firm believer in the power and majesty of Slayer, from the vicious lyrics of Araya, the punishing riffs of Kerry King, to the gruesome imagery on all their albums. We reviewed their show here last summer like we were seeing the Beatles, and we even made this goofy meme involving a chick with a sweet Slayer tattoo on her abs a few months back. Funnily enough, we later found out later she is actually a member of the band's management team.

In honor of International Day Of Slayer, we picked ten songs for those delicate occasions in your life that come up, the ones that, now that you are supposed to be a grown-up, need a dash of Slayer. Real life may dictate that you turn down the volume, but all of us Slayer fans know that when the going gets brutal, you turn up the fucking Slayer.


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Craig Hlavaty
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