It's Pi Day, Pi Day, Gotta Get Down on Pi Day

In keeping with Rocks Off's latest obsession, compiling soundtracks for oddball holidays, we were tickled pink as a chorus girl's nipple to learn that this Friday is Pi Approximation Day.

The holiday was first in 1988 by a physicist named Larry Shaw, who made everyone march in a circle then eat several fruit pies, proving that science is really only three shots away from being a frat party. Nonetheless, in 2009 the House of Representatives made March 14 Pi Day and July 22 Pi Approximation Day.

Pi, for those who may have failed geometry, is a mathematical constant famous for the fact that it basically represents infinity and can therefore be used to calculate the area of a circle and other things that writers have no freakin' idea about. The number is usually represented by the number 3.14 (Hence the March 14 date) or by the fraction 22/7 (hence the July 22 date).

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