Tiny, tiny bloody hammers.
Tiny, tiny bloody hammers.
Aggronautix/Paul Schumacher

It's Roky Erickson! In Bobblehead Form!

The fine folks at punk toy firm Aggronautix, famous for their G.G. Allin and Keith Morris "throbbleheads," have now outdone themselves with the release this week of their Roky Erickson figure. He's depicted in his early '80s, "Evil One" form, with full beard and thousand-yard stare.

Rocks Off has long been fans of Aggronautix since we acquired one of their bloodied and half-nude Allin bobbleheads for our desk here at the office. They have also made Plasmatics' Wendy O. Williams, Tesco Vee, Blag Dahlia, and Milo Aukerman into bobbles. The Erickson bobblehead seems to be their first foray into garage-rock.

You can order all of the Aggronautix bobbleheads at their site, and take it from us they are worthy investments. The sight of a mini-G.G. Allin is a for-sure icebreaker in any business setting. Except maybe a funeral-home office.

Below is a video of Erickson himself encountering his bobblehead for the first time before a SXSW gig in March with Billy Gibbons. Oh man, ZZ Top bobbleheads would be the best.

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