J-Dawg is HataProof; Lucky Luciano Blows Candles At Zona Latina; Fort Worth Holds it Down for Latino Hip-Hop

Over the weekend, J-Dawg of the Boss Hogg Outlawz paid a visit to Hata Proof Records on the Northside for a CD release signing of his anticipated Behind The Tint, Vol. 2. You'll remember the piece we did on Big Cease and the multi-pronged business model he put together of making, selling, and filming music, as well as his inspiring personal story. Well, Lil Cease, Big Cease's 12-year-old boy seems to be following his footsteps, as he documented the whole thing and edited it himself. At 12 years old, we didn't have a computer.

Stay on the lookout for Season 2 of LaLa's World, and if you don't know about LaLa, get with the program. She's a smoking-hot model/TV personality from our beloved H-Town, whose show gets up-close-and-personal with some of the hottest names in hip-hop. She especially shows lots of love to Latino hip-hop, and by her Twitter page, you can see she has a perfect body. (Maybe that detail wasn't necessary.) We're looking forward to getting her in The Hot Seat.

Lucky Luciano is having a birthday bash at Zona Latina, 4740 Dacoma, on Thursday, April 22. It's going to be off the damn chain. You've got 2 Real Crew, Stunna Fam, GCGR, The Real Boss Click and SalvaTex performing, with Trails, Stunta, Dat Boi T, Lil Koo, Big Joey, RawBoi Gang as special guests. Ladies get in free until 11, so get your broke asses there early.

Oh and Lucky also launched a new Web site. It's NAWFWEST Wholesale in this bitch. The consummate entrepreneur, Lucky's selling his entire discography for $199.99. We want to know how many of those he sells. You can also get other hip-hop artists' music. We're about to purchase Lil Villain's Da Infamous Villain, because we've been jammin' Ikeman and Lil Bing's "Tango Blast" all weekend. We're just in the mood for the Second Ward/Southeast sound.

Speaking of Southeast, Dat Boi T's What's Really Good 3.5 is dropping this Tuesday so stay tuned to his Twitter on how to get your hands on that.

We haven't fucked with your day job's productivity in a while, so we'll leave you with the Murdaworth Mic Pass to pass the time. It features Soul Native, Snow tha Product, Big Tyme, Cynical 3000 , Smoothvega, Oso (81Gs), J-One, G-Spook, and Royal South. Man, hold up. Fort Worth holds it down for Latino hip-hop. The track's hot. Big ups to these boys and the lady, of course.

Is it just us? Or is Snow tha Product really hot? On this Mic Pass, she certainly spits fire...

Rolando Rodriguez is the managing editor of RedBrownandBlue.com. Follow him on MySpace and Twitter.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.