Jack Daniel's If You Please: A Musical Sour Mash Salute

Q: What do musicians call a diminished fifth? A: An empty bottle of Jack Daniel's.

Someone at Dirt Bar thinks today may be Jack Daniel's birthday. The Jack Daniel, inventor of the sour mash whiskey and favored rock and roll stage prop. Although they admit they can't be sure - "while he made good whiskey, he did not keep good records" - they're fairly sure he was born in September. And since September is running out of days, they're throwing him a birthday party tonight.

Rocks Off has never personally cared for Jack Daniel's. If we must drink whiskey, we generally prefer a less sweet brand such as Jim Beam, Maker's Mark or Wild Turkey. Mostly, though, beer makes us drunk but whiskey makes us crazy, so we just avoid it altogether.

But musicians do a lot of things Rocks Off doesn't personally care for, except make music. And there's no denying the impact Mr. Daniel's Lynchburg, Tenn.-born concoction has had on musicians - not just their bloodstreams, but their ideas.

So to say happy birthday (we think), we put together a salute to old Old No. 7's musical appearances through photos, literature and lyrics. Bottoms up!



via The Smoking Gun; "bottle" is assumed to mean a fifth unless otherwise specified

Billy Idol (1 bottle, crew) Guns N' Roses (2 bottles) Robin Thicke The Killers (Brandon Flowers) Van Halen 1982 (3 bottles) Van Halen 2008 (1 pint) Drake (1 bottle) David Spade Kevin Federline

Ian Christe, Everybody Wants Some: The Van Halen Story
Bill Zehme, Frank Sinatra: The Way You Wear Your Hat
Keith Richards & James Fox, Life

Despite their dispersal, the X-Pensive Winos left trails of smoke in the popular culture with their hot licks...We were ready for a comeback and we convened in New York to stage it... Wine had long ago given way to Jack Daniel's as the favored band beverage.

When we went to Canada to make the first record, we were out in the country, in the woods, and we drank every bottle of Jack Daniel's in a fifty-mile radius! This was toward the end of the first week. We'd cleaned out all the stores. We had to send out to Montreal to buy some more.

Randy Poe, Skydog: The Duane Allman Story
Stephen Davis, Watch You Bleed: The Saga of Guns N' Roses

Miranda Lambert, "Jack Daniels"

I fell in love with Jack Daniels again

Hes the best kind of lover that there is

I can have him when I please, he always satisfies my needs

Eric Church, "Jack Daniels"

I didn't bleed and I aint black and blue

It aint hard to tell who got the best of who

Cause in the morning light I'm hard to recognize

Yeah Jack Daniels kicked my ass again last night

David Allan Coe, "Jack Daniels If You Please"

Jack Daniels, if you please

Knock me to my knees

You can kill this pain

That's driving me insane

Since my baby's gone

Reverend Horton Heat, "Sue Jack Daniels"

I'm gonna sue Jack Daniels for hitting me with a trunk of a big ol' live oak tree

He hurt me this morning with the bright sun light

I'm gonna sue Jack Daniels for what he did to my face last night

Jerry Lee Lewis, "Jack Daniels (Old No. 7)

Bogie Bogart, he cried, 'Laureen, let's sail the sea'

Honey, when I'm dyin', have another drink of that stuff for me'

But now ya find him on Lynchburg all the time

But they keep him waiting at the end of the line

Shelby Lynne, "Old #7"

But baby, oh baby

I'm going, yes going crazy

Please help me, make it a double

Old #7

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