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Jandek Performing "Strobe Light"-Heavy Concert at Big Star Bar

Brad Moore, owner of Big Star Bar and Grand Prize, was driving through Roswell, New Mexico when his cell phone blew up.

"It was Jandek, I shit you not," says Moore about the experimental musician who's traditionally an enigma around here, but has been in the public eye more of late.

Moore explains that he crossed paths with Jandek two years ago at Petrol Station but he hadn't heard from him since. "He's a beer snob so we talked about beer for half an hour," he says. "I gave him my number and told him to call if he ever wanted to play at Big Star."

Following Moore's phone conversation in the middle of the desert, he and Jandek met and hammered out a date for his performance at Big Star: Sunday, April 1. Moore swears that it's not an April Fools's gag.

Also, a rumor about the show that's been flying around is that Jandek will perform a techno concert, something Moore wouldn't confirm or deny. "All I'll say is that it will be less wind chimes and more strobe lights," says Moore.

Jandek will perform at Big Star Bar, 1005 West 19th Street at 4 p.m. Sunday, April 1. The cover charge is $8.

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