Jay-Z & Kanye West's "Otis": Hit Or Miss?

Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Every Monday (that isn't a national holiday) Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture.

This Week's Panel: Chingo Bling, Jack Freeman, Fat Tony, Brad Gilmore, Kane, Delo, Renzo, Chane, A.D.D., Kyle Hubbard, Roosh Williams, Yung Truth and more

Not Invited: Jay-Z and Kanye. And they reeeaaallly wanted to come, too. But they'll be here soon enough.

This Week's Prompt: "Otis" is probably the one recent rap song that everybody proactively listened to. So, thoughts?

Chingo Bling: I love how Jay-Z Bit my raps and style. "Y'all buildin' fences we buildin' undaground tunnels."

Jack Freeman: I think it's a good track. I also think too many people forgot that it's just a song and it's not to be overanalyzed. People wanted to dissect and find something that wasn't there, when it's just put here to be enjoyed. Everybody thinks for some reason when Ye' and Jay put out something, it's not to be merely enjoyed. I don't even think anyone actively listened to the song. They did more analyzing than anything, and when you that, it will almost never live up to your "standards." Which means, in turn, you really don't like anything.

Fat Tony: Played a few seconds of it in a session with [producer] Tom Cruz and he says, "it's a shame." Me, though? I'm over it all. I'm post-music and post-opinions.

Brad Gilmore: The "Otis" record is what I hoped "H.A.M." would be. It's lyrical, and the type of lyricisism you'd expect from a Jay and Ye' record.

Renzo: Lyrically, it sounds like he knows. But who's glad he went back to soul samples? I am.

Rap Round Table: Who's "he," sir?

Renzo: Who cares, right?

Kane: It's a good buzz song. These are vets, so they know how to stir up even more buzz about an upcoming project. Smart leak.

Roosh Williams: It's cool. I definitelly like it better than "H.A.M.""

Kyle Hubbard: I like it, I don't love it. I am very excited about the album though. If anything, the song showed that Kanye mighe to hold his weight against Hov. My biggest fear was Jay being 100 miles ahead lyrically each song.

Chane: I think it's genius. The production, how the sample was chopped, the lyrics, the swag and even how it's listed as "featuring Otis Redding." It's a great thing for hip-hop.

Yung Truth: Yeezy spazzed on it, and as much as I love Jay, I feel he showed a diminishing skill set. Overall, it's way better than "H.A.M."

Delo: I love to hear the mixture of artists. Sounded refreshing. I'm antipating the album.

A.D.D.: It was okay. It seemed really simple to me. But tracks that have that give and go usually are pretty simple in the rhyming. And the whole Drake/Big Sean thing when rappers pause between their punchline is played out. For them to be trendsetters, they sure are riding that.

Thurogood: I thought that the sample was too busy. It sounded more like they rapped on top of an Otis track than sampled an Otis track. I listened to it once and that's been enough for me. But due to their reputation, I'll listen to Watch the Throne despite note feeling either single they released.

Herney: I think the song's decent. I personally think Jay is too old to rap about swag. But him and Ye' are some of my biggest inspirations, so they can't do much wrong.

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