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Jesse Dayton - Sorry, "Captain Clegg" - on Rob Zombie and His Role In Halloween II

Jesse Dayton's star just keeps rising. You have to give the former Beaumont lad credit, he works at it steadily, and these days has his finger in writing, performing, producing, and acting as well as operating a label. As anyone who checks Facebook knows, Dayton posts something about every twenty minutes about his role as Capt. Clegg, murdererous psychobilly band leader in Rob Zombie's latest horror flick, Halloween 2, which was #3 in box office receipts last week. We caught up with Dayton briefly yesterday after seeing CNN do a two-minute news clip on him and his expanding audience.

Rocks Off: Who is Clegg exactly?

Jesse Dayton: Capt. Clegg & the Night Creatures is a name Rob got from a 1962 English horror movie that he thought would be a cool name for the band in the Halloween 2 movie. Clegg's band performs in a big scene called "The Phantom Jam," where all the kids in the town of Haddonfield go on Halloween night. We just released the CD "Rob Zombie Presents...Capt Clegg and the Night Creatures" on Itunes.com and captainclegg.com.

RO: How did the acting work go? How does that work compare with playing gigs?

JD: Acting is a lot of hurry up and wait. Luckily it was a studio film and not indie, so Harvey Weinstien got me a nice trailer with a fake fireplace, DVD, and stereo. I heard Willie Nelson and Kristofferson wrote great songs while hanging out in trailers on sets, so I played a lot of guitar while I waited. I'd love to have Jerry Reed's career and make a movie every year.

RO: We noticed your Facebook item about a possible B movie involving you as Capt. Clegg in a major role. What part of the process is that at and who would be the impetus behind it?

JD: We're in discussions about doing a Capt. Clegg vs. the Zombies grindhouse sort of movie. It's being taken more seriously than I thought, but we can't release any specific news until it's officially green-lighted. We would shoot mostly in the French Quarter in New Orleans and some in Austin.

RO: What else has happened out of your association with Rob Zombie and Universal?

JD: I've been animated as characters Banjo and Sullivan where they use my voice in the new "Haunted World Of Super El Beasto," which will be in theaters at the end of September and stars Paul Giamati and Rosario Dawson.


RO: What's up as far as working on a new album of your own material?

HP: First we go on a world tour with Rob Zombie as the band from the movie, and that starts Halloween night in L.A. Then I want to work with new people for my next solo record so I don't get in my own way. We're talking to producers R. S. Field and C.C. Adcock about using both of them. Plus I'll produce a few songs.

I'm also wanting to work with Mike Stinson on some new songs in much the same way Waylon Jennings worked with songwriter Billy Joe Shaver. Mike is in Houston now, so it seems ridiculous not to take full advantage of someone so close whose such a brilliant writer and knows how to write for my voice. Austin people keep saying how lucky Houston is to have Stinson.

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