Jimmy LaFave

After all the nights without power, the gas lines and the ice shortages, Jimmy LaFave is a perfect musical palliative. One of the smoothest vocalists around, LaFave can make listeners happy singing even the saddest of ballads. LaFave, a former drummer, works both sides of the musical street, mixing up tender classics like Jimmy Webb's "The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress" with jump-jivin' Chuck Berry butt-shakers and some rocking blasters of his own. A longtime devotee of fellow Okie Woody Guthrie, LaFave is also one of the top Bob Dylan interpreters ever. He has an uncanny command of even Dylan's most tongue-tangling, brain-taxing, epic-length lyrics in songs like "Tangled Up In Blue," "Absolutely Sweet Marie" or "A Simple Twist of Fate." He surrounds himself with some of Austin's finest sidemen, such as guitarist Larry Wilson, bassist Will Lantin and a bevy of keyboardists who can get insanely pretty on piano or just go crazy on accordion. Combine LaFave's voice, song selection and stellar band, and you've got one of the strongest, most respected listening-room acts in the country.

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William Michael Smith