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John Allen Stephens Leaks Impeccable Pop Jam

John Allen Stephens has a new single out.
John Allen Stephens has a new single out. Photo by Daniela Hernandez

If you're making dance pop, you can't do it much better than Houston's John Allen Stephens. Stephens, on the verge of dropping his debut album radioclub.lp, seems to have a lock on what we all want to hear in our pop jams as evidenced by his latest single, "Speck" found exclusively here:

There's so much here starting with the chopped and echoed vocals that really grab your attention before the beat drops and you're locked in. Stephens catchy and at times, sultry vocals immediately grab hold before he adds synths to draw you in closer. By the time the chorus hits, he adds two more hooks with guitar and a collapsed vocal that are stunning. Of all the tracks he's dropped from his upcoming album, Stephens gives this one his all, adding a dirty guitar at the end to distance himself further from everyone else making indie pop, without steering the car too far from the best of the genre as well.

You can stream "Speck" above as much as you want, or tomorrow when it lands on all streaming platforms. John Allen Stephens will hold an album release party at White Oak Music Hall Friday, August 3. The all ages show will also feature a set from Tee Vee, who's dropping a single, as well as a set from Pearl Crush and DJ Rah Rye. Doors at 8 p.m.; tickets $8.
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