Country Music

John Prine, Steve Earle Help Chris Knight Score a Few Little Victories

While growing up in Slaughters, Ky., country rocker Chris Knight got the opportunity to take a few guitar lessons from John Prine.

He didn't get any face time with the singer until years later, so the way he got those lessons was by sitting next to the record player all the while trying to pick out the chords and notes of Prine's songs by ear. Some of the Prine songs Knight was trying to best were "Sam Stone," "Saddle in the Rain" and "Paradise." Knight eventually got to where he could play more than 20 of Prine's songs.

"I've been listening to John Prine since I was 13 years old," Knight says. "I introduced a bunch of people to his music. I'd be playing his songs in study hall or on the street corner and these kids would be like, 'Where do you get them songs?'

"You know they had never heard any songs like that," he adds. "They were into Kiss but I started converting them to John Prine."

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Eric Woods
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