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Join Team Chile, Help Fight AIDS

The hip-hop world is a less than sensible place - lots of times, you're even required to clarify when bad means bad and when bad means good - so once a week we're going to get with a rapper and ask them to explain things. Something you always wanted to ask a rapper? Email [email protected].

This Week's Rapper Radio Personality: The Chile from The Box

This Week's Subject: The upcoming AIDS Walk

Ask A Radio Personality: So, Mr. Chile, real quick, recap exactly what it is that's going on this Sunday.

The Chile: Well, it is the 2011 Houston AIDS Walk, and it is a three-mile walk in downtown Houston at the Sam Houston Park (1100 Bagby). This year, 97.9 The Box is doing the walk as a station and to make it a bit more fun, all of the 97.9 The Box Jocks have a walking team to support the cause and help bring awareness to the community. Plus, my brother-in-law passed away of AIDS in 2005.

AAR: Why did you feel compelled to get involved?

TC: Just to help out and try to do some good by raising some money for AIDS research. There are too many people in the world passing away from it

AAR: Does one get extra credit if they run the entire distance of the AIDS Walk rather than walking? Or is that kind of like showboating?

TC: I don't think you get extra credit by running it, but if it helps people join Team Chile, I'll shake your hand. I don't think it is a showboating if you run the three miles, because if you are there, you are there to support the cause and you donated money to the cause [laughs].

AAR: We trust you have some harrowing statistics regarding AIDS and the inner-city population you'd like to offer up. Go for it.

TC: Well, In 2010, 97.9 The Box had its yearly Hip-Hop 4 HIV [event]. Houston ranks eighth nationally in the number of total reported AIDS cases. African-American and Hispanic women together represent less than 25 percent of all U.S. women, yet they account for more than 78 percent of AIDS cases reported among women to date.

Today, 40 million people worldwide are estimated to be living with HIV/AIDS; an estimated 10 people worldwide contract HIV every minute. AIDS is the leading cause of death among African-American women ages 25 to 34, and African-American men ages 35 to 44.

The CDC estimates that over a million Americans are currently living with HIV, and that 25 percent of Americans living with HIV/AIDS are unaware of their HIV infection status. 40,000 Americans are newly infected with HIV each year. Six out of every ten diagnosed HIV infections in the Houston/Harris County are African-American. An estimated 1 in 90 Houstonians is living with HIV/AIDS.

AAR: Where can readers go to get involved?

People can go to for information on how to join your favorite 97.9 The Box jock's team. Make sure you join G-Man and The Chile, aka Team Chile.

AAR: What else can people do beyond this weekend's AIDS Walk to help up the awareness of how prevalent AIDS is in our community?

TC: Get involved in your community and educate themselves and help teach people about AIDs and practice safe sex. And Join Team Chile.

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