Julieta Venegas at House of Blues, 10/24/2013

"Eres Para Mi...."

Julieta Venegas House of Blues October 24, 2013

Its the way Julieta Venegas looked straight into my eyes in the "Eres Para Mi" video I first saw on MTV TR3S back in 2006. Or the effortless mode of expressing her feelings through her soft voice, so delicate, yet strong and confident at the same time. This Grammy-winning singer-songwriter from Tijuana, Mexico is one of darlings of Latin American music, with fans on both sides of the border who enjoy the dreamlike feel of her electro-folk sound.

Her music career took her from Baja California to San Diego, and eventually to Mexico City, where she would soon find the material for her debut album, 1997's Aqui. She later ventured to both Madrid and Buenos Aires, which expanded her format to include hints of flamenco and tango.

When she took the stage at House of Blues on Thursday night, we were all treated with a set that showcased her full range of talents and hits. Playing the guitar, the keys, and the accordion (not all at once, although that wouldn't surprise me either), Venegas made performing look simple. She doesn't yell when she sings, quite the opposite actually, like a lovely overheard whisper inside of a Baroque cathedral.

Her look is reminiscent of a young Frida Khalo, graceful, slim, and flowery, the way I remember the college-age Spanish girls I saw in the Plaza Mayor while I was in Europe a long, long time ago. The stage lighting was also gorgeous, with just the right about of colorful hues to illuminate Venegas' cheekbones and jawline. The video screens behind the band were visible without becoming a distraction, and L.E.D. lights of alternating colors served as borders to the keyboards and drum set.

She opened with "Hoy" from her new album, Los Momentos. Her signature soft voice tells the story of exposing one's heart and not waiting for tomorrow to voice the feelings you should express today. She followed with "Bien o Mal" from her previous album called Otra Cosa (2010).

"Que bonita es esta ciudad, Houston! Siempre me dan tanto cariño aqui!" she proclaimed with a smile. (You're beautiful, Houston. You always show me love). The crowd danced and cheered in a way only Latinos do at concerts, with total affection and superb energy. The biggest cheers were heard during "Lento", "Me Voy", "Andar Conmigo", and "El Presente". Several times she allowed the crowd to finish her verses, seemingly ecstatic at the audience's love and knowledge of her material.

She ended the show by closing with the following: "Ay Houston, que bonita noche! No les digo adios, si no hasta muy pronto!" (What a lovely night! I don't say goodbye, but rather see you soon!)

Ay Julieta... Si eres para mi!

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Personal Bias: She sings pretty and plays my favorite instrument, and is a beautiful Mexican woman. If my girlfriend can say she loves Billy Currington, then I love Julieta Venegas.

The Crowd: Latino Hipsters, or Fresas.

Overheard In ihe Crowd: "I never knew that I could find a girl with an accordion so sexy!"

-- My Best Friend Derek

Random Notebook Dump: Hey amigos! I understand that you are there to have fun with your friends or with your significant other, but when the artist is attempting to explain the basis behind the next song and interact with you, maybe shut up and listen!



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