Just Be 'Cos': Eight Music Artists Perfectly Suited for Cosplay

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Cosplay, short for "costume play," is the art of normal, everyday people going balls-out to depict themselves as their favorite fictional characters from comics, movies, video games and television. It's hugely popular, thanks to ComicCon and our obsession with all things pop-culture.

Cosplayers gather at conventions and contests where defense attorneys can morph into Darth Vadar and librarians become Sailor Moon. But seriously, who's more suited for the task than a music artist?

They're dramatic, attention-seeking and competitive. Admit it, you'd be excited to see any of these artists mingling amongst the Chewbaccas and Captain Kirks, but maybe even more so if they cosplayed these recommended characters:

8. Kate Nash as Mary Poppins Believe it or not, the English nanny is a popular character portrayed at cosplay gatherings. Nash is a Londoner with the right accent and a good, strong voice. She's no Julie Andrews, but she'll do. Since she can actually sing, she brings more to her game than just the right look. She'll have the part down quicker than you can say "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious."

7. Luke Bryan as Captain America What's more red, white and blue than country music? Only Captain America. The Academy of Country Music's newly crowned Entertainer of the Year is the man for the job. He's handsome, popular and showed some mettle in his recent co-hosting gig at the ACM Awards.

6. GG Allin as The Joker The Joker is the craziest mofo in cosplay, so the most suited to this task is the long-departed GG Allin. Many front men have claimed to engineer the crazy train, but Allin was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder while on trial for burning a woman and drinking her blood during sex acts. If he didn't navigate the tracks, he at least was near enough to pee on the workers who laid them.

Gotham's supervillain might have been more successful had he employed less Joker and more GG in his act. Bruce Wayne surely would have ignored the Batphone if his archenemy was prone to walking the streets naked, covered in blood and eating feces. Since Allin is now 20 years departed from a heroin overdose, cosplayers get the added bonus of his corpse - famously defiled at its own funeral -- double-playing as a Walking Dead walker.

5. Brody Dalle as Tank Girl Tank Girl is a fanboy icon, a punk-rock heroine penned by Jamie Hewlett, who also co-founded Gorillaz. Dalle once had her femme-punk prototype down to perfection. Tattooed. Snarling. Gravel-voiced. Enough cred to snare Rancid's Tim Armstrong.

Some hardcore punks see her as a sellout, after divorcing Armstrong, dismantling The Distillers and falling into the arms of Josh Homme. But -- this just in -- like her comic-book doppelganger, she doesn't give a damn what you think.

4. Justin Bieber as The Legend of Zelda's Link Both are baby-faced perpetual man-children with great hair. And, they're connected by the courage of facing down mean-spirited, evil creatures. Literally in Link's case, critics and paparazzi in Bieber's. One bonus for those who truly find Bieber's voice grating: Link hardly ever utters a spoken word. To remain in character, he would have to avoid breaking into song.

3. She & Him as Trixie and Speed Racer Zooey Deschanel's doe-eyed, blue-eyed, brunette-ishness makes her a solid lock as Speed's main squeeze. M. Ward has Speed's wholesome good looks and could probably pull off the red bandanna. The indie duo has a new CD dropping next month, but don't expect songs moving at Mach 5 speeds, just more retro-cool.

2. Bjork as Padme Amidala (or any various wood sprite of her choosing) If ever a musician was meant to cosplay, it's the uber-imaginative Icelandic songstress. She's made more bizarre fashion statements than Joan and Melissa Rivers combined. How do we know she hasn't been cosplaying all along?

Every outfit makes her appear to be an evolving Pokemon. In her videos alone, she's been generic versions of many cosplay staples -- an android ("All Is Full of Love"); video-game protagonist ("Hyperballad"); goddess ("Oceania"). She's so unique even some cosplayers have wondered whether Bjork herself -- a real, live human -- is cosplayable.

1. Ozzy Osbourne as Iron Man


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