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Justin Bieber and the Secret War Against Music

When people start going on about a hip hop illuminati or the secret messages in Lady Gaga videos we tend to laugh at them, call them kooks, and suggest they spend their free time in more productive ways. Jay-Z is powerful but only a crazy person would believe that Blue Ivy Carter was some sort of hip-hop Antichrist and the only believable Gaga conspiracy is that Stefani Germanotta is really just an actor that is the tool of a handful of designers, songwriters and suits who are trying to make a quick buck by flying a freak flag.

Being the smart, educated people that we see ourselves as, it's easy to look down on those who harbor silly beliefs. It's condescending, but in a good way. And I was right there with you, laughing as people looked for the hidden codes in Blue Ivy's name and the "Bad Romance" video. I tell you this because I need you to understand that I'm not prone to conspiracy talk or crazy theories.

The other day I read something that chilled me to my very core, something that I fear could be leading to the downfall of music as we know it. And I need you guys to know it too, so that we can prepare for the battle ahead of us.

Guys... Justin Bieber has a doomsday weapon.

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