Justin Bieber For BET's "Best New Artist"? Recognize.

Welcome back to Turning the Screw, Rocks Off's weekly rap post. It probably won't rhyme, at least most of the time. E-mail tips to introducingliston@gmail.com. Thanks, homies.

Justin Bieber For BET's "Best New Artist"? Recognize.

Single of the Week:

"Rain Drops," Yung Redd feat. T.C.

This is a leak from the soon-to-be-released Eviction Notice 4. You're welcome. Wire to Wire After establishing itself as the preeminent weekly rap news roundup, Turning The Screw is shutting its e-doors. This will be the very last installment. Rocks Off will continue to bring you all the hip-hop happenings as they happen (or as we hear about them), but go ahead and cry into your hands now. Rap-A-Lot signed an exclusive distribution deal with Fontana. Suge Knight's lawyer argues his client was not acting all Suge Knight-y again.

Blasphemous Chopped and Screwed Video of the Week

"No One," Alicia Keys

The first thing we thought when we read that 2 Live Crew has a new album in the works: "One and one, I thought your career was done..." (If you don't get that joke, you should listen

to this

.) Hey, Wale, do you want to perform at a Black Pride parade? "Yep." How about a Gay Black Pride parade?


Nas says

hip-hop is no longer dead

. Oh, by the way, Nas has a new album out, which is probably just a coincidence. We've never been Rhymefest fans, but him releasing his next album

on a red cassette

is a pretty fly move. Guess who BET nominated for "Best New Artist"? Yep,

Justin mutha-effin' Bieber

. Recognize. In "We Totally Knew This Was Going To Happen" news,

Limewire was found guilty of copyright infringement

. Among others, DMX will be featured on

VH1's Behind the Music

. This is great, great news. KRS-One boycotts the proposed

Museum of Hip-Hop

. Is anyone surprised by this?


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