Justin Townes Earle's Musical Family Tree

Tonight Justin Townes Earle headlines Fitzgerald's with Caitlin Rose in tow. For the past three years, Earle has been making believers out of most every audience he has come across, either converting the uninitiated or further leading his devotees down the rabbit hole.

Each of his three albums - 2008 debut The Good Life, 2009's Midnight At the Movies and this fall's Harlem River Blues - has shown another set of influences in his ever-growing bag of tricks. You won't find a much better debut than Life, where Earle staked his own spot in the Americana scene, while also hinting that things were just going to get more varied.

As for the influences, lyrically he taps into the perils of modern love with a old-school bent. His music is from another time, but he brings it into the 21st century. No, we don't have a JTE tattoo. Promise. Screw you for judging.

We picked out five artists - besides his dad and middle-namesake, both of whom Rocks Off hopes we don't have to mention by name - we hear in JTE's sound to get you ready for tonight's gig.

Jimmie Rodgers "Pistol Packing Papa":

Bruce Springsteen "Atlantic City":

Woody Guthrie, "House Of The Rising Sun":

Charlie Poole "If the River Was Whiskey":

Carl Perkins "Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby":

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