Kanye West + Saved By The Bell = Kanye'd By The Bell

Today on Tumblr we found Kanye'd By The Bell, a site that links evocative Kanye West lyrics with screenshots from everyone's favorite high school saga Saved By the Bell. The site has five pages and counting of the adventures of Screech, Slater, Zack, Kelly and the rest matched with the most profane and best lines in the Yeezy canon.

This latest fan-made Yeezy Tumblr follows Kanye West With White People, which we found in August, featuring West and various white people enjoying a moment or two together.

The white girls, the token African-American - Lisa Marie Turtle - the clothing, and the school setting go perfectly with West's lyrics. And damn, we just noticed they even wore West's trademark neon-colored shades too back in the day on the show.

We all know that Yeezy would Jessie within five minutes of being at Bayside and would have his own office inside Belding's, not too mention the foam and laser parties at The Max after hours with bottle services and bad bitches in Egyptian slave gear making out with one another while Jessie dancing like Ian Curtis in the corner high on caffeine pills.

Or maybe that's our own beautiful dark twisted fantasy...

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.