Kashmere Reunion Stage Band Concert Tomorrow, Not Saturday

Rocks Off can be a bit of a clod sometimes. In this week's print edition, we got our wires crossed and listed this weekend's Kashmere Reunion Stage Band concert at Miller Outdoor Theatre, which you can (and should) read about in this week's music feature "The Thunder Rolls," as taking place Saturday night. It's actually 8 p.m. tomorrow night.

Everything else is still true. The concert is still free, and the story of the KRSB's unlikely resurgence thanks to the documentary Texas Thunder Soul is still one of the most remarkable musical comebacks to happen in Houston or anywhere else. And we still can't wait to see Thunder Soul when it screens in Houston - finally - November at Discovery Green.

Our apologies to Miller and the KRSB. And our heartiest recommendation to Houstonians that they go see what film-festival audiences have been raving about since March for themselves. We saw the band's performance at Kashmere that is documented in the movie, a tribute to their longtime director Dr. Conrad "Prof" Johnson (who passed away two days after the concert), so we can tell you firsthand it's something you won't soon forget.

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