Katy Perry's "California Gurls," As Done By Really Old Men

Rocks Off hates Katy Perry with the white-hot burning intensity of a thousand suns. Her songs sound like Pink with a lobotomy, and she looks like Zooey Deschanel playing a really low-cost prostitute. When the video for "California Gurls" came out, we saw something that we never thought we'd see. No, not the milk cannons. That's laid out pretty plainly in the book of Revelation.

No, we saw Snoop Dogg look embarrassed to be someplace, and the only other time we saw that was when he was paid to look embarrassed on The L Word. Seriously, there is not a single more easygoing human being on the planet than Snoop. If you pay him, he'll be there, and he will be there 100 percent.

But his face in the video makes it real clear he'd rather be hosting a video games award show or watching True Blood or pretty much anything else. So to take the itch Ms. Perry has given us away, here's the official Old Man parody of "California Gurls."

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